Can't make holes in object with extrude after changing units

I’m trying to extrude some holes in a project box and I was doing well for awhile but I changed the units from inch to mm in order to get a hole for an HDMI port. After I made the port I went back to inches. Now when I try to extrude holes nothing seems to happen. How can I fix this?

The units have nothing to do with it. How about sharing your SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got so far? 7th button from the left above the window where you type your message.

FWIW, you don’t need to change the units anyway. You can just type the units in with the radius.

PicaseV2_5.skp (788.7 KB)

Here we go. If you look to the right you’ll see the new holes I’m trying.

OK. Your box is a group and the circles and rectangle are outside that group. You need to open the group container for editing (double click with the Select tool) and then draw the circle s and rectangles before extruding them with Push/Pull.

If you plan to 3D print this box you’ll also need to take care of a few other details. The posts for the screws are drawn with their faces reversed (blue is the back face color) so they need to be reversed. There are other issues with those screw posts, too. Do you want the holes on the bottom of the box? If you select and delete just the edges of the holes on the bottom face of the box, it’ll show as solid and printable.

Yes. That did it. One more thing though, what about that irregular shape I have in the middle? Can I extrude that the same way?

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Do you mean on the inside of the box? Yes. Draw that shape while the component is open for editing and you can push it through to make a hole that shape. You have a rectangle on the outside in the same place and a small circle in the center of the shape on the inside. What are they for?

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The circle was as a reference point to do everything else. So I just draw over the existing lines?

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That’ll work. When you draw the new circles to either side, you could hover the cursor over a vertex on the edge of the circles you’d drawn outside the group and inferencing will show you the center. Move the cursor to the center, click and release, and drag out the radius to one of the vertices on the edge of the old circle.

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