Hole in tricky geometry

I am having a heck of a time putting a hole in this object. The object shown is a steel tube. The entire cutout tubing is creating some sort of an issue that I can’t figure out. Any help is greatly appreciate.

Thanks, Dekade

BMHB_01.skp (62.8 KB)

Sorry about that. Sent wrong drawing. New just sent

When I loaded your first drawing, SU crashed.

Second time, it crashed again, then recovered, said there were problems in the file, fixed them and opened it.

I got this with the second file. No problem selecting the hole and pushpulling.

PS. @mihai.s got there with an animation before I’d finished writing!

This is absolutely the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I went back to the drawing and now I can PushPull it also. Figure that one out!!! Something went haywire because I spent 15 minutes trying to figure it out, every way under the sun, before posting. Unreal. Sorry for the time forum. Thanks John

Sometimes SU just needs a restart to behave properly after something seems just not to work as it should.

Happened to me yesterday when Intersect faces just wouldn’t cut it (sorry, bad pun).

Worked fine after a restart of SU and reopening the problem drawing.

Thanks again. I think that was the exact problem.

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Glad it’s fixed.