How to create a rectangle and keep the holes extruded



I have this object attached.object.skp (230.7 KB)

I already extruded the holes and I accidentaly removed the back of this object. No problem, I can create a new rectangle in the back of the object. See the result here.object1.skp (225.4 KB)

The problem is that the holes are not passing inside this new rectangle. I could recreate all this model and avoid this accident of mine. BUT I would like to learn how do I make this face be extruded by the holes already digged.

I know it may be a stupid question but I spent the last hour or so into this and no easy solution. The only “easy” solution that I found is to delete the holes and extrude them again but I am pretty sure there is some easier way!



As it is, you’ve put that face outside the component. You need to open the component for editing and trace and edge with the Line tool to heal the face.Then you can select the whole thing and use Intersect Faces>With Selection followed by deleting the faces skinning the holes.

object1.skp (155.3 KB)


WORKED PERFECTLY! THANKS MY FRIEND, I appreciate a lot what you just taught me, thanks a lot! I was trying to use tools -.> solid tools -> intersect but I always got error message! Now it worked


You’re welcome.

No need for Solid Tools for this at all. :wink:


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