Intersection of hole with object

How do I get the “pocket hole” to show properly when added to an object.

Hope these images help:

This is the result I seek:


This is my current state:
Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 12.32.28 PM|618x480

Not sure why the second screen shot requires a link?

How did you model it? It may be that you just have to erase the hole faces on the piece’s surface to see into the hole.

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This is the part as I modeled it:

Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 12.47.11 PM

Can you share the actual skp file? From that we can tell you exactly where you are going wrong.

so it seems you have the object modeled. You may have it “outside” of the piece component. You may need to put it inside the component so that the hole edges can interact with the piece surface, and you can therefore erase the face in the oval and see inside.

I downloaded the “pocket hole” from the 3D Warehouse. The skp file is very large, not sure about the size limits on the forum.

You are most likely correct. Being a newbie, I just moved the component onto the object. I then tried to intersect the two, but probably do not yet understand how two objects interact.

There is a 3MB limit on files uploaded directly to the forum. If it is too large, you can upload it to a sharing site such as dropbox or the 3DWarehouse and provide the link to it here.

Your profile says you have Pro, so you should be able to use the Solid Tools to subtract the pocket hole from the board.

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Give it a try. Since you downloaded it, no telling if it was done properly and if it will lie on the face correctly.

You will eventually make your own holes: just make the cylindrical shape that the drill makes, intersect faces with your piece and delete the parts that you don’t need. And you’ll pick up steps to make it easier. Even easier than opening the 3DWH

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Thanks, will have to do some study on solid tools. My naive first attempt was to use “intersect with faces”.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will try your method.

I just use intersect. but solid tools is OK. Then you skip the step of having to erase so much. But you add the skill it takes to make solid components–which is good to know.

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You folks are just great!

Went back after your comment and re-tried intersect with faces, and this time it worked as shown.


You joined the forum so recently that you are likely still at the beginner level of trust, which allows only 1 photo/post:

If you stick around, read a bit, and participate, that restriction will soon be removed.

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