Recent issues with Anti Aliasing Display performance

OK, TLDR, I did some windows updates yesterday, and all of a sudden my sketchup display settings are not reflecting what I have Anti Aliasing set to, and look totally different (BAD!) see screenshots.

I’m on Lenovo Laptop, Windows 10, Sketchup 21, LG Ultragear 32GP83B Monitors X2
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 with Max-Q Design 16GB
128 GB RAM ( too much, I know)

Description of the problem:
After trying out Chaos Vantage, I wanted to see how to speed that up and make sure I was utilizing all of my graphics card, so I dabbled with N-vidia control panel a bit. I also did the most two Recent Windows updates as of date of this post.

Then, my lines start looking like this:

So Major Anti Aliasing issues. These are my settings,

Also, Everything VRAY as well as the Warehouse look horribly blurry,

I don’t want to say I’ve tried everything, but I have tried a lot of things. I have updated everything, uninstalled windows update drivers for nvidia and my monitors. Messed around will all sorts of nvidia, and windows graphics settings, and no luck.

It’s noteworthy that if I reboot when not attached to my external monitors, and fire up the skp file, it looks good, like it always used to, and then still remains normal and anti-aliases as normal. Then, if I plug in my monitors, however, any reboot of ketchup or windows causes it to go back to 8 bit again. Any ideas guys???

I have not done preformed a DDU yet, its frightens me a bit, still researching that.
Are there any success stories doing a DDU, or any other thoughts, Any help is welcome. Thank you so much!

If you have let Windows Update mess up with your graphics drivers, I would recommend that you go yourself to the Nvidia website and download and install the latest driver for your card type directly from there.
How are you connecting your external displays? Are you using a “dock”?

Thanks for replying Anssi,

I did download the latest Nvidia driver which was a newer version.
Also, yes I am using a dock, however, the problem continues when the monitors are plugged in directly with both HDMI, and Thunderbolt cables unfortunately.

What does the Graphics Card Details show?

An absolute must, it just works. Do not be intimidated.



But I have tried many different settings to no avail.

Thank you, So this has worked well for you?
So at worst Case, what would I be looking at if anything went wrong? Is there really any risks involved?
OF course I would double backup everything first.
Last question and thanks in advance, would it effect other software once I did the uninstall, reinstall? Thanks.

It has worked flawlessly. Yes, back up your files. Find the directions and print them out. Take your time, and follow the directions and the prompts.

It will do only what you tell it to. It will also do sound drivers, leave that portion alone. They may have added something else since I last used it, ignore that if presant.

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Thanks all, I will try the UDD and report back.

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