Reasons for match photo to not work

I can show examples if need be, but this is just an abstract question for now.

When I try match photo I very carefully line up a couple of red lines, and a couple of green lines, and you would think the blue lines would be vertical. They often are not, and you have to put the red and green lines into the wrong place to force blue to be correct, or live with the not vertical blue lines.

My guess is that fish eye effects are at play. Does that make sense? Are there ways to correct a photo before the match photo stage?

I think I’ll ask in the Photoshop forums too, it could be a common problem without even considering the SketchUp use for photos.

It could be fisheye or other lens distortions from the camera. If the photo has been manipulated in anyway, such as application of perspective correction or cropping, Match Photo won’t work either. I expect if you try to fix the image in Photoshop you’ll probably make it worse. But it doesn’t cost anything to try.

It’s going to end up as models, and you could replace all the textures too if need be. I’m not so worried about the quality of the photo as a texture, but just to get models that match what the photo implied.

This is the topic that came up that made me think about this, and it is an example where the blue axis doesn’t quite work out, and yet the photo doesn’t look that extreme:

It doesn’t take much to screw up a photo and make Match Photo useless.

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