Distortion of photo for ease of matching photos

Matched Photo is good and all, but sometimes, it can be a bit finicky.
I went straight to Matching Photos to cars - whose shape is difficult to match a photo to. When I matched a part of the photo to the shape, there was another part of the car which the shape was not long enough for the photo.
I feel that the photo in the Matched Photo could be distorted in some ways that we can control. This might make it more confusing for a new user but I’m sure that this might benefit some.

Well, perhaps maybe not. I think Matched Photo was made for us to make our models photorealistic and have the actual dimensions and stuff and all for us to draw from a Match Photo…
Never mind, I was just frustrated that I couldn’t do the Matched Photo

Match Photo was intended for importing images of buildings to make it easier to get Sketchup’s camera matched to that used to take the photograph. In order for it to work properly the photograph needs to be straight out of the camera with no cropping or distortions and there need to be at least two pair of parallel lines at 90° to each other and running off to vanishiing points on the horizon.

It doesn’t make sense to distort the photo since SketchUp’s camera can’t be distorted to match the distortion. Distorting the photo also means the photo doesn’t accurately represent the subject.

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