Realtime 3d software

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I am having a company make a model of my front yard and they are using “realtime” software to do this. Is it possible to import this model into SU. Any advice is appreciate.

Impossible question to answer since you don’t identify the actual software. Find out what file types can be exported from it and compare them to the file types that SketchUp can import. You can look at the Import options yourself to find out.

Theres also Universal Importer extension which may help you enlarge your importation possibilities.

But Idk what you mean by “realtime 3d” wouldnt it be about the render engine only?

Complementing Dave…
You must know the 3D modeler software or the exported file format/extension.

You are looking mostly for common 3D file formats, such:

  • .skp
  • .dae
  • .3ds
  • .fbx
  • .obj
  • .stl
  • .blend
  • .max
  • .c4d

good luck :v:

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tks for the feedback I need to get more information

If the company is competent in that software they should also know how to export it in a format you can import into Sketchup…( depending on the software they used}. just let them know what version of Sketchup you are using! but be aware realtime software is generally at the end of the visualisation workflow so don’t expect to receive a complete replica of the realtime model…or even if it is viable.

tell the group what software they are using and we can give you much more specific advice