RBZ files and Sketchfab

Hi - Just wondering if anyone here knows if you can inport RBZ files?

I came across the below site which has some great models. I’ve downloaded 1 file however i cannot work out how to import this into sketchup

Any help would be great.

.rbz is a zip format usually used for extensions, not models. Check what it is you are downloading, they offer .skp as an option.

The only file extension you can use for this would be .3ds

I had a look at a few of the models available on the site and see that there is no consistency of formats. Some don’t have any compatible file formats with SU. So it will be a matter of choosing a model that does, or you could try using Blender to convert the format if there is something you really want.

Hi Mate. I really appreciate the feedback.

Is blender a Sketchup Plugin in or an external program?

Blender is sort of a stand alone, alternative / competitor,
modelling / do everything program. Very comprehensive, great fun
to use but a decent learning curve - but with a big community to
help. SU has in my opinion many advantages and is very easy to get
your head around the basics, with few commands required. I think
you should be able to import / export file friendly for SU. Just
find Blender.org and have a go.