Really lost, where do I begin (old SketchUp user)


I’ve used SketchUp for I don’t know how many years, seems like at least 6 or 7 (or more really) years anyway. I just use it for personal projects and haven’t used it in the last couple of years (I’ve been traveling). Now, when I start up SketchUp on my Mac, it sends me to an online free version, which is very different than what I’ve been used to (way different!).

I managed to create a model and work out most of the tools but something that’s driving me crazy is the autosave. How do I turn it off? It’s not helpful when you make quite a few changes to test out something and before you can decide whether or not you like the changes it saves over the file. Grrrr!!!

I also haven’t figured out how to save a model using a different name. That is, if you work on a model and it’s been saved, then want to try some changes and see how you like them, how do you save the newer version with a different name so it doesn’t overwrite the original file?

For instance, I’m working on a floor plan for a very small house I’d (perhaps) like to build. The real plans will be done by an architect, so what I’m doing is just the preliminary research to see what I can fit into how many square feet/meters and how it might “feel” (which is why I like SketchUp rather than a CAD/Floor Plan program). I did the first layout and saved that, then I tried a new arrangement and after an hour or so of work I realized SketchUp was saving all the new work and overwriting all the work (3 to 4 hours worth) that I did previously. I just want to keep making changes and refinements and be able to save each new variant as a separate file while I figure out what I like best. I do not want to have to do the original work over and over again, that just seems, um, not right; there really should be a way to do “tweaks” and then do a “save as” rather than a “save” (overwriting the existing file).

If this isn’t possible with the online version, is it possible to use an older version on the Desktop, as I’m more used to? I don’t need the latest and greatest features and whizbang stuff, even SketchUp from 4 or 5 years ago did a fine job for me. And since this is just for myself, I’m not inclined to purchase a much more expensive program for the few times I actually use it. The old free desktop app was wonderful and I really miss it.

Thanks in advance for suggestions and guidance.


All the things you mention are possible within the web version, but if you are more familiar with the desktop version You can download Make 2017 from Here Which is the last free downloadable version.
There are older versions available if your OS and Graphic card are not up to scratch for 2017.


The current base Trimble website directs you by default to the recently developed web version, in which most of the desktop functions are present but the UI is somewhat different, particularly menus and toolbars. As Box noted, there are still desktop versions available, you just have to find them either by determined search or by a friendly link such as he provided.


Hi Box,

Thank you very much for that link, it’s exactly what I hoped for. I downloaded the 2017 version and once again I’m back in familiar territory.


Thank you for the follow up, as you’ll likely see from my response to Box, I followed his link and all is well now.


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