Sketchup Web Saves For No Reason

I’m working on a project and when I reach milestones I ‘Save As’ so I can go back to a previous milestone, but Sketchup keeps saving my file when I don’t tell it to.

So for example I’ll save my model as “MyModel 3”, then I’ll continue to work, but later when I want to go back and open “MyModel 3” there will be a bunch of changes that I made after I saved it because Sketchup just decided to save my work after making changes that I didn’t want it to save. This is EXTREMELY annoying and causes me to waste a lot of my time trying to undo changes that I didn’t want saved. Is anyone else having this problem?

I don’t recall seeing a way to turn off autosave in Sketchup Free or Shop (the web versions of SketchUp).

But I do have a suggestion: Change your thought process! When, in the past, you’ve simply done a “Save As”, now do the following:
“Save” then immediately do a “Save As”.

By doing it, you’re current model state will be saved under the file name you were working on BEFORE you did the “Save As” - and the NEW model named when you did the “Save As” is your current working version.


I think Sjorst is proposing an interesting workaround here. Saving before saving as forces you to save as as soon as you want to branch off, not only when you want to save the work done in that branch.

That said I think SketchUp should really look into this behavior. I find it unacceptable to overwrite someone’s work without their explicit concent (like pressing save). The deskop version handles this well by auto saving to a separate file than the working file.

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