Disabling auto save

Is there a way to disable autosave in the free version of Sketchup, Ive had a look around and found a couple of threads on it where it was mentioned that it is being looked into.
Im new to sketchup and im making lots of errors so when i know ive done something right i then save my work but im finding sketchup regullary saves my mistakes and overwrites my work…I find it frustrating knowing i cant go back to what i know was right.

To my knowledge there is no way to turn off auto save in the web version.

Are you sure the autosaves overwrite the file? I would expect it to save separately. A perfectly valid use case is when you branch of your project in a new direction and save it under a new name after having worked on it for some time. In such case I really don’t think the initial file should be overwritten with anything that was intended to be in a different file.

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