Realigning a shape


OK, so first off, I am using an old version of SketchUp, but the problem is this: I have something I made an arch with and I extruded it incorrectly. Now I’m looking to line it back up with its original rectangle, and I can’t. I’m trying to bring it up so I can delete the offending lines, and trying to draw a new shape over the original doesn’t seem to work either.

I’ll probably end up just working off a photo of the facade, but I still want to see if I can salvage what I have.


I believe you are at the point in the learning curve where you really need to be modeling objects correctly, not trying to correct errors.

You need to experience the process done correctly to learn it. If you have to do it over five times before you get it right, it’s worth it.

What do you expect to learn from tweaking a bad model? You’ll never get really proficient that way. To you, working in SU will be synonymous with screwing up and making never-quite-perfect repairs, a bad pattern to fall into.

You can spend hours and hours trying to fix a bad model, but that’s really throwing good money after bad. Much better to spend the time to do it over until you experience one complete, clean iteration, whereupon you will own a skill worth having and keeping.



Is the only thing wrong the fact that you’re seeing the darker gray instead the white faces? If so, you can select those and right-click reverse faces.

Front vs Back faces