Ignore THis Post - my op contained errors (a little late for that now)

Sorry. Ignore this post

It couldn’t be a solid since it’s a 2D outline, but it was prevented from becoming a face you can Push/Pull into a solid from a half dozen or so bad intersection errors. You have to zoom in to see them. They’re fixable.

Thanks for the response, Gully. The more I looked at my drawing the more I decided that I had made errors; therefore I deleted it and withdrew the post. I will post again if I don’t figure it out.

To your response, I realize that I used the word ‘solid’ instead of the correct word ‘face’ in the OP (since deleted). What I cannot figure out is why the drawing does not create a face. I can detect no gaps anywhere that lines join.

Apparently, you did find gaps and corrected them. Could you tell me how you found them and what you did to correct them? Also, I don’t know what the significance of the Tray 1 window is. Can you please explain where it came from if it has something to do with the corrections you made?

Thank you, again.


Yeah, although a half dozen was an overstatement. More like three errors, or actually two that prevented the face from forming. Here’s two bad intersections, of which the protrusion into the outline prevents the face:

And here’s an actual gap:

Mostly, you find gaps and protrusions by zooming and looking, but there are some additional techniques:

If you triple-click a line it should select all edges in contact. If the selection stops at a certain point, that point is probably a break. There’s also an extension that selects all curves in contact, called Select Curves. If that doesn’t work, you can start subdividing the outline with temporary edges. If the left half forms a face but the right half doesn’t, concentrate on the right half. Continue to subdivide the outline until you close in on the suspected break.

There are also extensions that find and fix gaps and other errors, but that’s cheating if you ask me.

The significance of Tray1 is it held Entity Info, which identified the selected component as a Solid. (That was when I still thought you were looking for a solid.)


Thanks, Gully!

That information helps me enormously!