Best ways to find your own geometry holes?

Sometimes when I am working with a model, a face that was there just goes away. I know there must be a place where the edges aren’t continuous (or else there would be a face there), but I can’t find the problem, even when I zoom in like crazy.

Is there a trick there to find the offending geometry? (I’ve used Solid Inspector, SolidSolver, Cleanup, but they don’t dumb it down enough so that I can positively focus on the error that program is finding (“Point at coordinate XXX is not connected. The nearest possible connection point is XXX. I’ve colored that spot bolded bright pink, and I can focus right on top of it in your face so you can see what I am talking about.”)

I appreciate your help. I went to print my model and it had some issues. I don’t like the 3D fixers, because I don’t learn from that. I want to find the problems myself, and design so that I don’t cause them to begin with.

I applaud this sentiment!

Mostly, you find gaps and protrusions by zooming and looking, but there are some additional techniques:

If you triple-click a line it should select all edges in contact. If the selection stops at a certain point, that point is probably a break. There’s also an extension that selects all curves in contact, called Select Curves. If that doesn’t work, you can start subdividing the outline with temporary edges. If the left half forms a face but the right half doesn’t, concentrate on the right half. Continue to subdivide the outline until you close in on the suspected break.


Are you using the Solid Inspector or Solid Inspector2?

Solid Inspector just helps you inspect and shows you the areas to fix and Solid Inspector2 helps you repair.

Thanks, all.

Gully: I copied your whole paragraph to my notes. I was doing that with temporary edges and subdividing. (I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I did notice the face was getting larger and larger. :slight_smile:

Wade: As I said, I used them, but the amount of help they gave me and the focused in view wasn’t enough for me to see the gaps, and a report/ words on the screen would have helped, too. And “fix my problems” I don’t learn from and have no idea what is being fixed or how it’s fixing, so that’s not for me. buttons I’ll give them another try after I’ve used Sketchup for while, and I’ll probably find that it was just a user thing. :slight_smile:


Hmmm, I probably omitted a necessary detail from the triple-click method of isolating a break. Given that we’re talking about a loop of edges, even if there is a break, the whole thing would still get selected, since the selection could just propagate around in the other direction. So, actually, you need to (temporarily) delete one segment from the loop so that the selection really will stop at an inadvertent break and not be able to race around the loop in the other direction. When you have found the break, you can restore the deleted segment.

Make sense?