Real-time rendering issues


Early this evening while modeling peacefully my latest big city, I have experienced FOR THE FIRST TIME some rendering errors such as weirdly stretched textures and occasionally completely black screens. This weirdness only appears in certain spots, not just everywhere I look around the model. The Fast Feedback is on, the maximum texture size is also on but it did the same thing while it was deactivated. The model itself is not laggy but it shows this kind of lines and textures all over the screen. Indeed, the model is a huge one(120MB), showing New York City with low-medium details and textures but the thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that I have ran in the past the same model on an even poorer computer, lagging hard and all, but it had no problems showing the model correctly.
Now I’m asking for your help regarding the situation. How can I solve this problem without “consider upgrading the computer”?
The Graphics card I have right now is an old dedicated AMD Radeon HD 5450 2048MB and running the latest drivers (April 2016 if I remember correctly), CPU Intel i3 3220, 3.3Ghz, 10GB of memory RAM and OS Windows 7 x64bit.

I would guess that what you are seeing is OpenGL artifacts resulting from the huge extents of your model. If it has performed decently before, think about recent additions that you have made, for instance, components that are based on digital maps with their origin points at the origin of the cartographic coordinate system. NY City itself is large, but its size should manifest itself mainly through things like view clipping. This kind of weirdness appears when the extents are in the range of hundreds of kilometers.


Sorry for the delay. I have to say the model wasn’t enlarged recently but some additions have been made to it. Also, the buildings are not geo-located but the model’s lenght is indeed few kilometers wide (which I know SketchUP can’t handle it too good as it’s not designed for wide open spaces. Maybe the next version of SketchUP will be able to deal with wide, large models even better).
P.S I have opened the model today and seemed to work just fine. Your advice would be to stick to the origin point as much as I can? …I can’t promise anything but I’ll do my best :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your help