Re-Scale complex model to exact measurement

I have a question about scaling models.

Can you scale a complex model to an exact known measurement without distorting it?

I downloaded a couple of different models of CanAm side-by-side to add to a model of a shop building I’m designing. One is correctly scaled with an accurate wheelbase, and the other isn’t.

Open the object for editing and then use the Tape Meaure tool to measure the distance between the know points. Make sure you click at each end. Then type the distance yu want it to be and press Enter.

I use that method all the time on 2D things like floorplans or photos of elevations but I figured that it would just shorten the model vs rescaling everything.

Thanks Dave.

It scales equally in all directions.


It would shorten the model if you used the scale tool and only scaled on one axis. The Tape takes the whole context into the equation.


It worked perfectly. That is awesome.