Razer Naga Mouse Wheel / Orbit Issue

I have used a Razer Naga via Razer Synapse Software for a year now. I have used the software and mouse with 2016 no problems… 2017 no problems until today. now the Orbit function of the mouse wheel is not working. (worked earlier this morning)

I have updated drivers, software, reset to factory Windows settings, reset to Razer Synapse factory settings, removed Synapse from the CPU entirely, checked the setting in Windows 10, and now I am out of ideas. This has inturapted my day and my deadline is not going to change… I really need someone to help me figure this out. All of the forum threads on this subject are old and don’t answer this issue.

I have Windows 10, SketchUp 2017 Pro, and a great cpu to run it…

The mouse scroll (wheel) button needs to be set to “Middle Button” or SketchUp cannot use it.

I have the same problem with Razer Deathadder mouse. The “middle button” doesn’t work, but zoom in/out works if I use scrolling. Can’t find an answer how to resolve this issue .(

I have the same issue in Windows 7 with my Razer Naga MMO mouse. There is no option in the Razer software to set it to Middle Mouse Button. Only “Scroll Click”

The Razer Mouse support site was an awful mess to navigate. They asked for every piece of information about the mouse including Serial Number. Sadly the first response I received from Technical support was “What’s the Serial Number and Model, and what is the problem…” I am in IT so I can accurately and with extreme detail explain problems to tech support. I was completely unable to communicate with Razer support and eventually I gave up trying.

I’ve just learned to keep a spare USB Mouse around and I simply trade them out when I need to do sketches.