Randomizing arrangement of objects across components. Dynamic?

Hello community,

I am asking for more of a theory question today, as I don’t want to get into an XY problem where I’m asking for a solution that wouldn’t work anyways.

Anyways, I have a basic racking componentPallet Rack Bay (1) - Full Pallets Only.skp (104.3 KB) that is designed to hold pallets. The problem that I have is I need to put product and goods on the pallets. If I were to make the same box size, and duplicate across 100’s of pallet positions. It looks very unreal and too straight.

My real question, is do any of you have great ideas that may help randomize the look of boxes on pallets?
A look like this.

I know tables/sheets are now a thing so maybe putting dimensions into tables and having components randomly select a configuration?

I have an (fredo extens. I think) object randomizer that can randomize within dimension limits and I believe there is potential there, but it’s more designed for complete randomization not this “cleaner boxier” randomization.

My other very tedious idea would be to create 7-8 differently configured pallets as components. And place them by 1 by 1 in each position.

Thanks for any thought!!!

My Component Replacement plugin located on my blog works this way.

TIG and maybe others has created a random selection tool.I would use it like this:
First, fill the whole rack with a single type of pallet. Then use a random selector to select a part of them, and replace them with pallet type 2 (right-click on the component definition in the component browser and select “Replace selected” from the context menu). Repeat with other pallet types. Repeat, but press the Delete key to create holes in your arrangement.

Not looking to revive the thread but your Random Select Extensions has been working very well, I’m pleased with some first results! Just wanted to thank both of you!

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