How to randomly fill a dimension with components of different widths?

I’m trying to recreate this type of facade with a linear dynamic component that can be REDRAW() for each level. There are several sub-components, each is a panel with a specified width. How can I get SketchUp to randomly add-on panels until it gets to the dynamic component’s full length? Or is there another way of having a dimension randomly filled with components of different widths?

I do not see a random facade. It is made up of repeating patterns, which is easy to do with DCs.

The only thing that “appears” random is the placement of the green trims in 6 places. The rest is just repeated patterns of windows and siding, that may have random selection of brown shades.


Examine the samples like the Picket Fence that makes copies of pickets, based upon the length after the user stretches it.

Dan - thanks for your reply. The idea of using CHOOSE() with RANDOM() is brilliant, very appreciated.

I’m wondering, is it possible to use CHOOSE() to pick from a set component options? For example, if I had 4 facade panel components that were the same dimensions but had different contents, could I use CHOOSE() to randomly insert one? (or, in the case of picket fences, 4 picket types to be selected from at random.)