How to edit a duplicated component. When I select a part, it is selected in all components

I downloaded a “Euro Pallet” component from the warehouse and use it multiple times in my sketch.
Now I try to remove or edit some parts (blanks, blocks) of this component. But whenever I select one plank on one specific pallet, this is also selected on all the other pallets.

I tried to save the entire pallet as a new component, but this did not help.
If I open the “Select” drop down in the right click menu, I can only “inverse the selection” or “select all with the same tag”.

How can I only select one individual plank?


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That’s the way components work in SketchUp. If you want to change one without changing another instance, first right click on the one you want to change and choose Make Unique. That will disconnect it from the others in the model allowing you to make it different than them.

With nested components such as the one you are working with you may need to make the top level component unique first and them make the components inside unique as well.

Thanks Dave, I have tried this before posting this topic. Without any effect.
Now I added the pallet again from the components list and then made it unique and this seems to work. :smiley:

You can only make a component instance unique if there’s more than one instance in the model. And again, with nested components you would need to make the top level unique first.

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