Random Sketchup Errors

I have two continuing errors. The 1st is while using sketchup 2022 and I go to File > New. I keep getting the error in the screenshot below. Yes Im signed in. (Image 2)

The 2nd error is when Im running CCleaner and something happens with SketchUp where CCleaner freezes until I hit OK. Not sure what’s going on but it seems to have started happening with 2023 install back when I could install it. (Image 1)


Stop using CCleaner is the simple solution. These types of apps have a tendency to do more damage than they are worth and IMHO are not necessary .

Only happens with SKP. Never any other app. I wouldnt use this app if windows machines didnt slow down over time

Does anyone know why this happens when I try and open a new file from inside 2022? I’m signed in. You can be any more signed in than I already am. Im so signed in I have to sign in twice on the Trimble sign-in page.


CCleaner is one of the worst softwares right now, maybe 10 or 15 years ago it was useful but now it’s full of bugs and it actually makes your pc slower.

Thanks for the non-solutions. For a second I thought I was on twitter.

Meh. I’ve been using CCleaner for it feels like decades and still use it. Maybe run once per month, and I never have any other app running at the same time. It has never caused me any issues.

Do you never get that command line error that Im showing?

Never seen either error. I wish I could help, but I’m still a SketchUp n00b, sorry.