Sketchup quits all the time

Hi, i recently changed my computer from PC to MAC. Since then I’m frequently getting this error and Sketchup suddenly quits.

Do you have any idea why?

Error detalis on the link: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thanks, Tim

I don’t think it should cause problems, but one unusual thing is that you’re running SketchUp from the Applications folder. Close SketchUp and LayOut, go into Applications and find SketchUp, LayOut, and Style Builder, drag all three to the trash. Empty trash.

Download this disk image:

Open that from your Downloads folder, and in the window that appears, drag the SketchUp folder onto the Applications alias, to copy the whole folder into Applications. Eject the disk image.

Go into Applications, SketchUp 2022, and open SketchUp from there.

At that point you may see two SketchUp icons in the Dock, one that is the version you just opened, and another that may be pointing to the old version. If you do see that second one, drag it away from the Dock to remove it, to make sure you don’t accidentally open it in the future.

Hi thanks for your replay.

At the momemt is working fine … will let you know if that sloved the problem.

It’s not solved. Work fine for about 20 min, then it crashed again…

When you say “crashed”, do you get a bugsplat or error message? Or is it simply not responding? (working on a task)

His link was to a Mac crash log, so it’s really crashing (unless he had Force Quit).

I don’t yet see any bugsplat reports sent in.

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The crash dump is for an abort. I’ve noticed that aborts often take down the BugSplat reporter along with SketchUp and the macOS crash report is all you get. From what little I can make of the crash report, it looks to me like a fatal OpenGL error. Perhaps there is a flaw in Apple’s support of OpenGL on the M1 chip that this exposed?

i got bug reporst as well. But before it maybe happen once a week, and it wasn’t that big od a problem. I got this error message (which i posted) every 20 min today and it is really frustrating …

Please correct your profile! This thread is for a Mac OS yet your profile states Win 10.

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The crash dump says it is a MacBookPro 18,4, which is a 2021 14" M1 Max MBP. Definitely not consistent with the profile!

i fixed the profile data

You are crashing with 2022, you might as well change that in your profile as well.

It’s a shame the profile doesn’t let you describe two of your setups.

It can. See mine.

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