Raked floor intercepting cylinder

tower rake.skp (440.8 KB)


Ive put together some lighting towers (havent cleaned up groups but should be pretty good…I hope)

I need to take these towers modeled on a flat floor and place them on a raked stage. I’d like to keep these over all heights but add extra length to accomodate the downstage legs and trim anything on the upper legs. (make sense??). Keeping the towers vertical.

What would be the best workflow when working with cylinders. I can kinda see how i could push pull from the side if i was working with straight lines but cylinders and curves dont seem to work in this work flow…

Any ideas geniuses??!:grin:

Not sure what the issue is. Just pushpull the end of the post. Then move to the slanted floor and trim off the end at the right actual length.

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The floor is sloped so essentially the ends of each post needs to be sliced at the same angle so the post sits vertical. Push pull allows me to push the post up but only to the heighest point but not take into account the slope…

Use Intersect faces to do the trimming. That is, open the post (as @slbaumgartner illustrates) for editing, select the outer surface, then R-click, Intersect faces/With model and delete the surplus under the raked floor.

AH that worked! Didnt know about intercect faces, thank you both.

I guess that is not a real-life solution.
You would have to cut every post of every tower at the correct angle and the correct length.
It would be much easyer to make footings at the correct angle to place under the posts…

Hi! Well…its early days but hoping it will be real-life!:grin:. They will end up being on a base plate of some sort…

If you are going to use some kind of truss, maybe the cheapest solution would be to use a book- corner and adapt that so you can lock it in the right angle.