Quick Question from a Beginner - Getting Started 5 Platform

Hi Sketch up Community,

I have a very basic question. I’m working on the Playground. I created the floor, the part I’m having an issue is is with using the rectangular tool to pull the floor forward. I don’t see the red x appear and when it does appear at the corner like it’s supposed to. I’ve attached a screenshot, not sure how helpful it will be. Thank you in advance for your time!

I would use the line tool (to divide the face) and the push pull tool afterwards.

maybe the columns aren’t plumb? but you should be able to get an inference from the intersection of the floor and column if you hover there for a moment, if not you could draw a rectangle over that area too (like first side I did), I then did the other side with a line.

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for this. Awfully nice of you! Is there a way to get the platform to snap into place?

I’ll try that. Thank you!

Not sure what you mean? but as you push/pull out with the face just move the cursor over to another piece of geometry that you want it to snap to and the “inference” will bring it to that place. The cursor can be anywhere along a line that represents the extent of the push pull operation, and not the absolute point.

If using the “move tool” then the point position is essential.