Push and pull

I’m currently trying to put a floor into a building. The building is basically a box and I assumed that you would just draw a line around the interior of the box at the height you want the ceiling. Then push-pull up/down 200mm so to create the floor thickness. For some reason its not letting me push or pull the floor though?

You other question combined with this one leads me to ask have you spent any time learning the fundamentals of the software or are you expecting us to tell you?

I don’t expect anything. I thought this was an optional forum. Where you could ask questions and answer them if you so wish?

Try this for openers Sketchup Fundamentals

I have watched all of these. Not surprised to find snotty nosed elitests as per usual. Thanks for your non help guys.

Yes it is optional, we can opt to answer or not, you can opt to ask or not, nothing is set in stone,
But it helps when asking a question in any part of life to ask from a position of interest rather than ignorance.
Teach me to count, or, I have these numbers and would like to know how they work together, are two different ways of looking at education.
It helps to have looked at some of he basics so you understand what you are asking.

In theory, you should be able to trace the floor and push/pull it to add thickness. If things aren’t working, there are several possible reasons why.

First, make sure that when you’re tracing the floor outline that you’re doing so on a single flat plane. If your outline isn’t flat, it won’t create a valid face for push/pull.

If you happen to be drawing geometry that is intersecting with other geometry that isn’t grouped, you will end up creating a total mess that will impede a good push/pull.

The inability to create a valid face for push/pull gives the impression you don’t have a full grasp of the basics, which is why these guys are pointing you to the fundamentals. Might be good to try those again as a refresher. Unless we can see what’s happening specifically in your model, all we can do is guess.

No need to get upset… people are trying to piece together the best possible answer based on your brief description of a problem. The best way to get help with a specific issue like this is to upload a SKP file that is causing the problem. Then someone can see exactly what the problem is and give you exact advice… until then, general solutions are the best we can offer.

Going back to your question, it could be that you’re outside of a group. If you are, double-click into the group, then try the push-pull tool.

You don’t need to draw lines to control the limit of the push-pull. When you grab the ceiling or floor, drag by any amount, then type the distance and Enter. For example, to make the floor be 200mm think you could push-pull the floor up by a metre, then type 200 Enter, and the amount it pulled by would be set to 200, if your document is in millimetres it would work right away. If you are set to meters you could type .2 Enter to make it be .2 metres thick.