Push/pull not extruding a solid

Hi all, been away for awhile but now back at my house project. When I try to thicken a floor plane to an 8" depth using the push/pull tool, it results in the plane being moved the desired depth and walls created at the perimeter edges, but whole plane is not solid. When I do a test with a new rectangle shape, I get the desired result. In one area, reversing faces seemed to fix the problem, but not in other areas. What am I doing wrong?

The lines you’ve drawn to outline the walls have divided the large “floor plane”. When you use Push/Pull on the floor, you’re getting exactly the same thing you’d get if you were pushing a face into a fall to make a recess.The best way to do this if you want the floor to have thickness is draw the floor plane and extrude it. Then outline the walls on top of it and pull them up to height.

Depending on your model, you may be able to close the bottom with a face by tracing an edge to generate a face. My preference is to avoid creating these situations in the first place.

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I tried to add a face, but because it is circular with 120 segments, I can’t seem to close it. Yes I learn as I go, the model has developed and floor thicknesses have evolved.