So far, so good, but

I can’t figure out how to “Push/Pull” the “game piece” shape. Just is a bunch of lines that I can’t figure out how to join into a solid. Read the Help file, but could not find the “Join” command it referenced as being on the “Default Toolbar”. Any thoughts on this, anyone? Thanks for looking. And even more thanks if you have a solution that you’re willing to share.


There is no ‘join’ tool as far as i know in Sketchup.
If feel like you’re referring to this article:
And it’s about ‘Layout’, not Sketchup. Notice this on top of the page:

Check this article for more info about Push/Pull tool:

Without seeing your model its hard to know for sure , but i suspect that your outlines for the gamepiece may not be drawn on the surface you are trying to push/pull. if you select a face each part should select separately. see #1, which simulates the piece you need to push/pull as selected. If the lines are either not on the surface or there is a gap (see #2) which shows that all faces get selected. Once your lines create an outline on the surface, the push pull tool should then be able to function on the selected part of the face. #3

you could use the “follow me” tool on a half section of the piece to get a regular looking piece? #4

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