Cannot push/pull curved or smoothed surfaces

I’m working on a project box and need to extend legs through the lid but so far I have not been able to do it. The other side of the cylinders has already been extruded. How can I fix this?PicaseV2_8.skp (871.9 KB)

Are you wanting a counterbored hole for a screw head?

Not particularly, I just want the top to be completely flat. I didn’t realize that when I extruded originally it was going to do this.

I see. You should just draw the hole for the screw on the top face and push it through the top. For the post on the bottom side, draw the larger circle centered on the screw hole and pull it out to the desired height.

Ok. Do what should I do in order to fix this? Draw the hole on the top?

I think the easiest thing at this point to make it right is erase the edges for the posts and the central hole. When you erase the circle on the outside face, the surface should be healed.

To redraw the posts, draw the 1/4" radius circle for the post on the inside face of the lid with the 1/16" radius circle for the hole in the center of it. Next, get Push/Pull and push the small circular face through the lid just to the outside face. Use the edge of the lid as a reference for the Push/Pull distance. Then, after the through hole is made, use Push/Pull to extrude the post 5/8".

OK so basically, redo the legs completely?


Check your private messages.

Hey there. I got two more of the parts in today…there’s a slight deviation. The holes for the HDMI are slightly off, do you have some time to show me how to bring them closer together? I was also hoping to bring in a logo for the top, and add a knockout for this thing. Would it be better to wait for all the parts?

Maybe in the morning? It would be best to wait until you have all the parts to go in.

Yeah we can wait. I’m still waiting for the usb and ethernet

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Looks like all my parts will be here tomorrow. Do you have a little time this weekend? I need to add the ethernet, power, and USB ports.

I might. Depends on the weather.

OK let me know. I just got the last part here so I’m ready. It’s a lot smaller than I was expecting.

Do you have the dimensions for the openings needed for those connectors?

I expect I’ll be around in the morning tomorrow for a short while. Maybe around 9 am CDT.

I’ve got the parts and a venir caliper

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Measure the parts then and make yourself some sketches with the dimensions so you know what you have to create for the holes in the box.

Ok. I’m going to get cracking on it now

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Ok I got the basics going. They’re just holes really. It’s the PI mounts and the HD I think I really need help with.

How are they mounted? Can you upload the file so I can see it?