Quick Flip Tip

Dear All,

If you use the flip tool (2023+), here is a tip that I have not seen documented. If this is obvious, I apologize.

If you forget to hit the copy modifier key (option on mac, probably cntr on windows) before you drag to flip, you can hit the copy modifier key after the flip, and it will become a copy.


  1. select geometry
  2. select flip tool
  3. drag axis (or as Aaron would say axeez) to flip point point and release drag
  4. remember you wanted to actually do a copy-flip
  5. hit the modifier key.
  6. Roberta’s your aunt.

This does not work for me with the standard move or rotate tools.


C. C.


Yeah; quite a few tools in SketchUp work in this way as long as you haven’t clicked off the tool .

Like how you can draw a square with one click to start then one click to end - then type in different dimensions and press enter to see it change

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Try again :wink: it does

Maybe it is a Windows versus Mac thing, but if I complete the move or rotation (click to set final position), I can hit the option key all day long and no copy magically appears at the start position. If I am in the middle of the move or rotation, and hit the option key, then copy mode is activated.

Maybe it is a Windows versus Mac thing.

No it’s not, they work the same on both. The difference I see now is that flip behaves differently when finishing an operation. The first click does the flip, and it’s done. Not even escape can undo it, unlike move and rotate that require the final click to complete and exit the operation. Interesting.