Flipping Out! M + Option key makes multiples BUT flips the shape 45degrees - how can i stop the flip?

When i draw a shape and then attempt to use M “option” to make multiples of that shape, for some reason it flips the copy by 45 degrees now. I have uninstalled Sketchup Pro 2022 and reinstalled it and it is still flipping the copy. Is this a setting issue? Can you accidentally set it to flip a multiple to a certain horizontal (red or green) or vertical (blue) direction? If so, how do i undo this? Every shape i copy comes our facing the wrong way.

Looks like it’s rotating it 90° not 45°.

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve set up?

Sorry, i was using my drop saw the other day and to cut a 90 degree angle you have to set it to 45 so i got mixed up in my head haha

Yes, it’s flipping my 90 degrees you are correct.

I am new to this, how do I share the file?

Uploading: joes floorplan.skp…

You need to wait for the file to finish uploading before you click the reply button.

Thank you.
Did it work?

Not yet.