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As commercial plumbers, we design and create hot water systems (plus other systems) and I am currently in the process of trying to create components list of all the valves etc i use, 90% of which i import off the web. Often these are not SKP models, which is fine because i can then convert these to SKP files. But what i am finding is with some imports i get a lot of tearing:

Do any of you experts have a way of easily fixing this without having to either manually go through and repair them or reimporting? as as you can imagine this takes quite sometime and is rather frustrating!!!

That looks a lot like you are hitting SketchUp’s short edges limit. Depending on the source format you may be able to specify larger units such as meters for the import. You can scale them down afterward to their real units.

What’s your file source, what format? Upload one of your source files before it’s converted to SketchUp for the most complete answer.

Do you have to include that text in your components? Does it add value the models you are making? If not, I would just edit the components and remove the text. I’d guess there’s other small detail that wouldn’t be required and could be excised from the component.

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not necessarily. although its not just text that i have this kind of issue with, just so happened to be what i was working on at the time i posted

most of these would be either Revit or Solidworks files. will import something soon

Understood. The point remains. Whatever the source for your components, it appears they contain much more detail than you actually need to include in your SketchUp model. The excess detail doesn’t help you and it can actually slow things down. Best to strip the components down to only what is required to convey the required information.

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