Need help converting my skp file which is 50mb to a 4 standard view dwg files

I badly needed some help to convert my skp file which is 50mb to 4 dwg files. I need a 4 standard view which are iso, top view, righ side view and left side view. Thank you!

I already tried converting on my own, it takes me 6 hrs of nothing but an endless not responding of my sketchup 2021 pro.

If your file has a lot of 3D entourage elements from the 3D Warehouse, it might take longer than 6 hours. There is no magic bullet.

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Ya, it is a geothermal power plant for a capstone project that i have made. Thank you for the feedback, gonna wait until tomorrow in may latest export.

If you want others to take a look, upload the model to a cloud service and post the link here.

Don’t post your e-mail here. Spambots can harvest it, and it is against the forum guidelines. People can respond to this thread or via a personal forum message.
I can take a look at your file, but not while at work.

ok, I’m sorry i just new here.

No wonder it is slow. Everything is too detailed. The result would also be a blob of short lines
Replace the 3D wire mesh in your fence components with a textured face, and your model will lose about 32 million edges.

ohh okayy, im gonna try again now

is that the fence near the water pumps

Probably these fences:

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Thank you very much, Sir.