Question about ladders steps on curves

Hello everyone.

I work in telecomm solutions and I have to design cable ladders everytime. Sometimes these ladders are not straight and have many curves. I can design the shape of the ladder easily by using the follow me tool, but when I want to put the steps of the ladder is a little slow becasue of all the curves. When I have a staright section it’s easy with the move tool and multiplying the steps, but when the ladder goes up, down, right or take a different direction, the move tool does not work. Do you think there is a simple way to put the steps of the ladder even if I have curves? Thank you in advance.


There are several plugins for placing components along a path.
Component stringer
Copy along curve
Comp String
just to name a few.

This is S D Mitch Comp string


Thank you very much. Already solved.

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