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I posted a question before here about making a nice curve for stringers. I tried Beziers Spline but that gave a curve that was rather composed of straight lines, so It needed some sanding. What I have to make now is some adjustment for the stair to fit between two walls that are anything bit straight. So not really stringers. Anyway I’m trying to figure out what plugin is best, and then which tool in that plugin because like in Beziers Splines, there are so much tool s that it’s not easy to find the right one. Thanks for the advice!

All curves are made of straight line segments in SketchUp. You can change the number of segments in the curve if you need a smoother-looking curve. Which extension did you use to create the curve?

Is a non-circular curve the correct thing here? Maybe a projection of an arc would be a better choice.

DaveR. Idon’t understand what you mean by projection of an arc, and how to achieve this. I used Bezier Spline from Fredo6. But there ar so many tools and hard to find a tutorial and to know which tool to use from the toolbar.
I think it is really a non circular curve that is needed, as the curve changes in arc (don’t know very well how to say this).

If I were making that stringer I think I would want a constant radius bend so not a Bezier curve. Something like this"

From the top you can see the bend is an arc.

There are several ways that could be created. None requiring a Bezier curve. One way would be to use Radial Bend from FredoScale.

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Hi, I see what you mean now, but I want to get somewhere else. But I just can’t find where I can upload a sreenshot.

You can edit your post with the pencil button, then drag and drop the image file:

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