Anyone know how to make stairs on a sloped surface?

Hey everyone! im trying to make a stair case that has a pretty weird angle and all the videos online dont really talk about how to make stairs on already existing surfaces.

I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to do this if at all possible?

The surface is of no use as I can see. You fit the stairs to go between the sloping side walls. It may be possible to use an array plugin such as pathcopy and array steps using one of the curves as a guide. Of course these would be difficult steps to walk on if they are evenly spaced… the risers would become so small. You may end up making them rather into long landings as the curve levels out. So then a plugin wouldn’t help. You wouldn’t get it past the building official, but that’s probably not the point.

Yes, as @pbacot notes there are really two very different questions here.
Realistically you can’t make a staircase with a varying ‘pitch’, everyone would fall over trying to walk either up or down it.
So the questions really are
how would you place ‘steps’ equally along this curve?
how would you make a staircase work in a sloped location?

Various plugin and methods work with the first, but the second requires an understanding of the local regs and the use of a straight line that flattens the curve.

Just for a model is one thing, for real life planning it is another.

Well, there should be one thing that’s a given and that’s the total rise. So, you can divide that by about 7" and see how many treads you’d need. The rise should be constant and run would be taken up by treads or landings.

thank you for the tip! as for the project, its just for a concept, and making a model for lumion so people can see what i wanted to do to the site, the main idea is at the center, this that im making on the outside is just for context

The screenshot shows a curve, not an angle.

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why would this example be illegal?

it seems to have uniform risers and the goings appear to be greater than any minimum for rectilinear treads I’ve ever seen…


Any interior designer using that many linear arrays should be sent to Broadmoor.

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The tread depths vary.

Most codes require this…
• Riser Heights must all be equal.
• Tread Depths must all be equal.

By definition, that means the front edge of the treads describe a straight line/constant angle.

A stair section that would follow the curve generated by x+2y=630 mm might be quite comfortable even if every step would be unique.

I’m amazed that you guys want to continue this discussion after the blatant indifference of the OP.