Need help on a 90 degree cable ladder bend


I am unable to locate any specfic tutorials on matching angles.

I’ve spent hours, endless hours trying to create a model of an angled piece of cable ladder.
Failing, either I can not match the cuts to match the corners up or I use solid tools on one end, but after I cant use again on the other end.
See images of what I’m trying to replicate.

Any help, will be sooooo awesome!

(upload://pkhhuqWLAL2nfTdfbfU5FSjxeDi.png) ![Cable%20Ladder%2090%20Degree|690x398]



Be aware there will be different ways to go about creating your angled cable ladder.
Below if created it with some of the basic tools in SketchUp: Pencil, protractor and FollowMe

  1. I created the profiles and the paths that my profiles will follow. (Pencil & Protractor)

  2. Using the FollowMe tool, I extruded the profiles along their paths

  3. I then used a face and the Intersect with Selection feature to carve out the piece.

I did this quickly without any true measurements of the profiles. I did make sure that the paths were at 45degs segments to equal 90 degs


I hope this helps

Hi Dave,

Sorry. What have I missed?

Must I do something to not have topic deleted?

Your topic wasn’t deleted. I asked for more clarification to find out what you really need and to give you more specific instruction. Chris gave you some different options making my post unneeded.

oh wow Chris, that is amazing!
The cable ladder models I’ve done a more detailed but I guess the follow me etc option would still work?

Is there a way I can make your video larger and pause it?

Thanks for taking the time to generate that, i’m overwhelmed.

Below are 2x images one of the ladder to give a better view, another just quickly testing follow me… results are awesome but with errors.


Let’s do one better, below is a video using a mockup of a profile from your image. This time, I am modeling vertically based on the picture in your first post



Is that a Schneider Product?
contact the Rep for a CAD download. I took a quick look around the website but like so many others it is almost impossible to find the part you’re looking for. Cooper has a decent download site, maybe you can find what you need there?

Yes! It is Schneider.

I’m new to Sketchup & 3D modelling, so loving it just trying to make some models of materials used day to day.

Schneider website is very hard to browse, I found no CAD drawings so I’ve asked for them… no response. Their customer support is generally really poor.

Who is Cooper?

I’m speechless, I really am. Not only on how easy it is compared to how I was trying to do it (Spent hours fiddling around with different methods). But I’m also speechless on how helpful and clear you have made it Chris! Also on how I’ve taken up your own time to make a video and model to express how it’s done… usually online can be a nasty environment, but you are an absolute blessing.

I try this when I get home and show how I get on.

Thanks again Chris, what a privilege! Great stuff.

My pleasure :slight_smile:

One thing I failed to mention…

As a tip, it is good practice to make the curved sections of your models low poly, especially when using the followMe. This will result in a lower polygon count model that will perform well. Softening and smoothing the needed elements with the Soften/Smooth function or with the modified Eraser tool will provide the smooth look you may want.

Here is a video going deeper into how to Soften and Smooth SketchUp geometry

Thanks again, I’ll take a look.

I did use the smooth/soften function on a cable lug I recently modeled. Did not like the end result, did not seem real?!?

Sometimes I find smoothing is unrealistic.

What’s the modified eraser tool?

When some tools are activated, there are modifier keys you can use to change what they do.
You will see the modifier key functionality at the bottom of the SketchUp application window
For the eraser tool on the Mac…