Modeling Cables with Tyson!

Ropes, cables, wired, cords… maybe a string? Tyson is going to give a big brain dump on how to model some long lines, live!

Stop on by YouTube to check it out 2021-12-03T19:00:00Z

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Wiring harness with string.

Can you ask Tyson if he wants to model my model railroad swithing panel please?


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Thats’ evil

Seriously! So evil! :rofl:

After we stopped the stream, in our post discussion, Matt had an idea that I wish I had shared as well.

When you use Helix along curve, you can create a path by NOT creating a tube. So, by creating a slower spiral path using Helix along curve, then using Follow-Me, we get another interesting cable option. It’s not a twisted cable, but still fun.

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I found the Loc Line image you referred to @TysonK

Someone asked about chain. A couple of examples here:


I managed to create this using Helix along Curve (Extn.) along a line - rotate/copy 10 of the to make a straight rope and then TrueBend (Extn.) to bend the rope. Thought you might like to know!


Boom! Great approach, I gotta go try TrueBend. Thanks

FYI - its by ThomThom (the one I used but its limited in that you can only “bend” in one direction (but you can bend the already bent one more times!).

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Thanks great information!