Any better way to model this "Christmas String Light"?


With the Christmas season fast approaching, Maybe you are like me, might be working on modeling string light decorations. It’s a delightful addition to any scene, but it can be quite time-consuming to model.
I’d like to share my modeling approach below and also inquire if anyone has discovered a more efficient or faster method. Learning from how you model it can be enjoyable as well :slight_smile:


  1. I begin by creating a simple line from point “A” to “B,” then divide it into multiple segments and use the "Vertex tool" to manipulate its shape.

Is there a more effective tool available for transforming a straight line into a curve?

  1. Smooth curve with “Curvizard”

  1. “Profile Builder” to quickly create cable.

  1. “SketchPlus” Path Array

  1. However, I still have many more light strings to draw for this project. :disappointed_relieved:
    If you knowa more efficient method, please let me know.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

On the images you shared it looks like you have a symmetrical space, if that’s the case, you must model just one string, then use the mirror tool to make symmetrical copies of it.

The way you are modeling is well done, you can also use clothworks to make the cables a bit more realistic.

Points 1-2
WireTool extension

Points 3-4-5
Profile Builder

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Thank you, Francis.
The issue is not limited to just this particular area in my project. I have to do multiple string lights along the walkway as well. like below image :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you, @mihai.s.
I’ve just learned about WireTool, and I’ll be sure to check it. :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest the same extention. It draws physically accurate lines!


@mihai.s Thanks a lot !
Wire Tool might be this best solution :slight_smile:
A lot faster than keep bending line.


You’re welcome!

Christmas Lights/Luminițe de Crăciun with Profile Builder 3 and Artisan (from, FredoCorner and WireTool (Aerilius)

Thank you, Dale!


Oh! I just watch video carefully. The end part is super time saving !. I need to learn assembly in Profile builder. Thanks for msking this video !

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For something this simple, Profile builder could be overkill. I’ve done this quite quickly using: Wire Tool (as suggested) and PathCopy.

Then, if the distances between towers are the same, make one string a component and copy/rotate/mirror others into place.


@eric-s thank you for this video. PathCopy also very quick. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I don’t think so, if you have already an assembly it’s a lot faster than using path copy, with profile builder you just select the lines, and click on follow along path button on the assembly window. All the cables and bulbs will be done in a few seconds.

It’s not complicated at all, I just watched one video tutorial and played with it for a few hours and now I can’t live without this tool, I create assemblies for a lot of things in my projects. It won’t take you more than a day to master in profile builder assemblies.

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