QR Codes on Plan Details to Hosted 3D Models

I’ve recently been adding QR codes to some of my construction documents. I’ve used them to share YouTube Videos on window installs or to manufacture install instruction webpages.

Has anyone tried adding links on the construction plans to hosted 3D Models of your construction details?

Would posting a model to Trimble and having your client use SketchUp Viewer be the best way to try this?

It would be cool to let building contractors out in the field use their phone or tablet to see the building details in 3D and turn on and off layers as needed to understand how to construct the details.

What are your thoughts on the best way to implement something like this?

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Hi, I guess the answer to your question about sharing depends on what you are willing to share…
For authorship & responsibility reasons, we only share .ifc files, not our native sketchup files…
& those we share are often done so on a BIM platform hosted here in France.
Of course it would be great if contractors really looked at what we do in terms of design intent, however, our experience is that they often don’t even bother really looking at 2d plans, let alone detailed 3d models ! Sometimes it’s quite demoralizing.
Maybe in your ecosystem you have contractors who are enthusiastic adopters of BIM and would be only too glad to interact with you via the 3d twin you build of a future building, here, on small/medium build work, it’s still very rare… Hope so !
Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for your perspective.

I’m thinking about how to host a construction detail model so the field guys can pull it up on their phones or tablets to view, not download, and move it around in 3D, similar to SU Warehouse but with the ability to turn on and off material layers.

I like to put QR codes on my drawing sets that link to SketchUp Viewer and YouTube animations of the model/detail. I work in nonprofit/development sector, so different context, but it seems to work well as a visualization/communication aid.

They can click through the prepared “My Scenes” in the viewer to interact with the model with different tag visibility.

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Ah, right, sorry I’d misunderstood what you were looking to achieve.
It looks as if @nmason has an interesting way of doing it.
The other way would be to export ifc files since in free viewers, such as eveBIM, your field guys can turn on & off the layers / or / ifc types

I use QR codes to my 3D models all the time! Contractors love them as they can pinch and zoom and spin to any point to see what the details, connections and other bits are meant to be. It gives them an overall sense of what the building, (or mainly skateparks in my case) is. I have used Kubity for years and it’s been great, until the last few months where they seem to have gone out of business… I’m looking for the best QR code generator now, so if anyone has suggestions I’m all ears!

Interesting. I will check out Kubity.

Can you share one of your QR Codes?

I use Adobe InDesign. The QR Code is 100% yours. It’s a direct link to the address you provide and doesn’t go through a service that tracks or mines the clicks.

Am I searching for the correct thing?

Hi jawsnaz

I’ve tried to scan some of my QR codes, but they don’t go anywhere anymore… I guess Kubity is well and truly done.

I can still access them on my phone and the Kubity app, just can’t scan the QR anymore.

Sorry I can’t help, I’ll check out the InDesign option. Could be what I’m looking for!

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Yes, Kubity is toast…