Augmented reality for outdoor kitchen design projects

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to integrate AR into my daily projects. I want to include a QR code in my proposals so clients can scan it and visualize the outdoor kitchen in their space.

SketchUp Warehouse is an option, but the AR feature disappears when the project is private. Any alternative solutions?

P.s: I use Sketchup pro

The two methods I’ve seen for AR:

  1. Upload the model to 3D warehouse → go to my content → click the View in AR button → screen clip the QR code → paste it in your layout (sounds like you’re familiar with that one).

  2. The other way to view models in AR is through the SketchUp app. The only downside is that it isn’t a QR code scanning process (unless I’ve missed something). You’d have to publish the model to Trimble Connect, and then open it with the SketchUp app. Then click the view in AR button.

There are model size limitations. You can read some more on this thread: QR code and AR model viewing - #21 by TheGuz

Thanks, nmason, for replying.

I’m looking for a way to keep my client’s projects confidential and not publish them publicly in the Sketchup warehouse.

I prefer an app-free option so my clients can easily interact with the design without downloading anything.

I’ll keep searching and share any solutions I find. :slight_smile:

There are paid tiers for SketchFab that will allow you to do this I think

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