Web-based viewer for Sketchup models + the best way for clients to watch the design in 3D on their own devices easily (no registration)

Hey y’all, hope everyone is doing fantastic. As said in the title, what do you reckon is the best way for sending your 3D models over to your client? Currently, what I do is I export the models in PNG from multiple angles. Everything is in 2D which is a shame because my models look better in 3D!

Any advice is welcome. I can’t wait to see everyone’s best practices!


SketchUp Viewer

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I think that Sturnus’ brief answer was referring to the desktop SketchUp Viewer application, which you could ask your client to install, so they can look at your full SketchUp files. You can get it here:

Another option is to publish the model, perhaps a version that only includes what you need to show the client (so that the file isn’t as big), then use the new feature that was released a few days ago. With that you can send anyone a link to the model, and they can see a view only version in a web browser, without having to install any applications.

Try opening one of your published models in the web version of SketchUp:


If the model works well enough, click the new share icon:

and send that link to your client.


That looks like a fantastic idea! Will try it when I get back home. Thanks so much for this Colin