Putting lights into animation



Hello Guys!

I need to render an animation with lights on. Animation runs along the straight line (highway), with lights being not too bright markings on the noise-potection wall, I need to preserve original (as close as possible) Sketchup look, no textures. Night time, light on.
I studied what was discussed here before and I found out this: I need a plug in, for example LightUp for light, CLF camera recorder to record the movie, probably Kerkythea.
Does anybody have experience with this particular case to advise me exactly which plug-ins will help me?

Thank you


I’d recommend learning how to use Twilight Render V2 and MSPhysics. With mastery of those two extensions, you can make animations like this.

For tutorials, I’d look on Youtube. A user named TutorialsUp has lots of quality MSPhysics tutorials. To learn Twilight, I’d recommend reading the user manual and looking on the Twilight forums.


Forestr, thank you. This video is great. However, I need to animate a really basic, no texture model. We already have a day time model like this and I need to keep it within set parameters.


Depends on your budget, Keyshot can achieve the SketchUp look with it’s toon shaders while also giving you simple but effective animation controls and lights.


Budget is very limited :frowning:
Thanks tho, I will still look at it.


I’d recommend Enscape. Not as expensive as others and great set of video tools. Less complex than other software. Note it’s PC only for now. See 5 min effort adding spot lights to street lamps and exporting animation.


An alternative approach is to do 100% inside of SketchUp. While not photorealistic at all, it won’t cost you anything and starts to get the point across.


I don’t think you can run any plugins in the web version?
You can cheat lighting effects which would also keep the raw sketchup look.

For a free option, you could use Blender, which has animation and rendering capabilities…however, any rendering will change the look of the model and make it less like normal sketchup. While it may get complicated, you could do a lighting pass on a clay version and overlay it on a “natural” unrendered sketchup pass.


Same SU export but with ‘Color-by-layer’ override on and PNG texture for light instead of SU geometry :slight_smile:


@olesya.yefimov’s profile says both SU Free and v2016 so not clear which version as you’re right @whiterabbitdesigncompany, not being able to use extensions limits the options.


I think if you added fog this would be the best go the three…

maybe headlights beams as well…



Building on Eric’s version, the headlights could be done as a “watermark” overlay.


This might be perfect. My connection is not so good, I can’t load the video, but by description it is exactly what I need.


I am not sure, it seems that you are talking about static image. This is simpler, and I would just darken it and make bright stripes of light - we don’t need anything elaborate (engineers :laughing:)
I will try your suggestion tho. Thank you.


Just like Eric’s animation, this is a video output from one scene to another but the watermark stays in place through the transition and so appears to be moving with the car POV.


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