Putting lights into animation





Ok last one…too much fun. Added fog and fog and fog lamps. Kept compression low so it should load.

*edited, thanks for the headlight watermark idea @whiterabbitdesigncompany…makes me want to add png light gradients on all the signs, traffic signals, etc.


you need a moon now…


there is one attached, but you can;t see it on the white background…

if you can’t download I’ll zip it…

EDIT: this is a snip on grey, you could;t see the file at all…
moon.png.zip (19.9 KB)



It’s a full moonmoon


A light beam from the 3D Warehouse:


Firstly, for full disclosure, Bloom Unit is one of our products.
But as another plugin option to consider, below is a Bloom Unit produced camera animation travelling through a very quickly assembled SketchUp roadway scene. Most of the elements you see here are straight from 3D Warehouse with some of the vehicle models from FormFonts. The roadway lighting uses a genuine LED Streetlight IES and both the light distribution and rendering is physically accurate. For the vehicles, I have a library that is preconfigured with MDL materials including the emissive headlights and taillights (which will disappear in daylight conditions).
For this animation, I used Bloom Unit’s animation feature and the local render option (my local GPU is a GTX1080ti) with a frame produced every 15 secs. If I had of used the cloud rendering option, a similar frame would have been produced every 10secs, which also would have given access to the amazing Laubwerk proxy 3D vegetation library.
All of this could have been produced at no charge with the 14 day trial subscription, which includes either 10 cloud service hours and/or unlimited local rendering.


Not sure what the problem is, but on my screen the movie does not appear.
As an alternative here is a YouTube link:
Roadway Lighting Test Render


I hadn’t heard of Bloom Unit, and it does produce some nice renders. My reservation would be that a years’ subscription would be in excess of any of the other top renderers ( v-ray, Maxwell, Thea etc.).
The new de-noiser in Thea for example can now produce some amazing results in a very short time.

Also, I’m not sure if Bloom Unit is stand-alone as I think the poster was on the web version and couldn’t use a plugin? Maybe you could advise on that. He was also looking for a look that was just like Sketchup. I think we were trying to find solutions within Sketchup to maintain that look as I had said any renderer would tend towards photoreal which he didn’t want. I haven’t looked into it but can Bloom Unit output more raw images, less photoreal, maybe sketchy style?

I will head over to the site and check it out some more.




Ha. Zombie Apocalypse?.. I need to learn Sketchy Physics or Fredo Animator so I can add some people and/or a deer darting out of the way. JK as my real interest and experience is is designing spaces that encourage people to get out of their cars!


To answer your questions, firstly with Bloom Unit, at any time during or after the free 14 day trial period, you can easily cancel any subscription and the current service will remain fully available until the end of that period, with no penalties whatsoever and then afterwards you only need to pay for a subscription for the months you need to use the Bloom Unit system. And please bear in mind that for each monthly subscription charge, almost all of that money goes towards 10+ hours of access to a dedicated Cloud Server each with 2 x Nvidia Titan X GPU’s for your live rendering sessions, much cheaper than buying and/or upgrading a similar powered high end workstation that you only pay for when needed.
Bloom Unit is not a stand alone system and will not work with the web version of SketchUp.
Bloom Unit can only produce photoreal output.
But I would also like to add that we offer obligation free 1-on-1 screen sharing sessions for anyone who wants to see what Bloom Unit can do either before or after any subscription signup.
Thanks for your reply.

for more information on stopping and starting your Bloom Unit subscription, please check out this link:
How to get the most out of Bloom Unit


try www.brighter3d.com that ought to do the trick


Good priced renderer.
The deal with this problem though is that the poster wanted it to look like a plain Sketchup model, any renderer (good or bad) will create a more photoreal look.



But I would do the same in Britain.


Yes, this is perfect.
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you - I was thrown on another project.
And my laptop couldn’t load anything at all.


Yes, this is perfect.
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you - I was thrown on another project.
And my laptop couldn’t load anything at all. Can you tell me what you did on top of Eric’s version? I need to reproduce this!

Thanks a lot!


Yes, this is good. I don’t need photo-realistic animation. Can you please share the descrition of your process with me, in very general terms, so I could reproduce it.
Thank you very much for your help.


create an image (png) with transparency of the headlight ovals. Load that as a watermark ( in the styles area), make sure it is saved to any scenes you use.




Ok @olesya.yefimov, here’s my process step by step:

Here is default view as I received it:

Step 1: change the layer colors to a darker version of their color, mostly greys, blues, and blacks. Then change your layer style to ‘Color by Layer’:

Step 2: Add a sky watermark in the Styles panel. Set it to background and position it to fit:

Step 3 - Darken your overall sun and light in the Shadows Panel:

Step 4 - find or make some light textures and save as PNG with transparent background. Make sure NOT to explode them after import as you can see here they do not show up in the materials browser. I used three separate images for glare, down light and ground glow:

Step 5: make sure to add lights inside of lamp component so it shows up on each!

Step 6: turn edges off or make other style adjustments as needed. Make sure to save your style edits as a new style and update your scene so the style AND shadow settings are locked in:

Good luck!