Are there any light-effect plugins available for animations?

Lighting experiments.skp (745.8 KB)
I’m trying to introduce some lighting into my animation. I note that the standard Sketchup (sunlight) shadows work pretty well - if the processor isn’t too ‘busy’. I was just wondering if there was anything similar forINTERIOR? My attached model shows the tunnel I am trying to illuminate. I did this using Twilight V2, and the preview it displayed was absolutely fantastic. It doesn’t look as though I’d be able to ‘move it about’ in any way though.

You should look at LightUp. Make sure to watch some of the tutorial videos, to get an idea of what it can do:

It has progressed a bit since these videos were made. Here’s a short screen recording of your tunnel. It’s not rendered, what you see here was real time:

tunnel.mp4 (2.1 MB)

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You could also take your viz to another level by using the Unreal Engine. Be prepared to spend a lot of time to get a workflow going (SU to Unreal), learn advanced materials and also learn how to apply mapping coordinates in Blender (SketchUp native texturing doesn’t work well for more complicated shapes in Unreal).

A nice result can be found here:

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Unity would be another option:

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How can one combine the light with a visible light source i.e. ceiling lights lamp stands etc? Is there a tutorial explaining how to do this?

Thanks, Colin. Long time since I posted that question!
Useful info though

Ha! Come back more often! BTW, LightUp just went to version 5. Even better than before.