Put part of walls down


I’m creating an interior design. I want to see the inside without a part of te outside walls. But I dont know how to put 2 of the 4 walls down, to look inside. When I select the walls, it selects all the walls, but I want to select two sides.

It depends on how you created the model.

Basics of SketchUp at learn.sketchup.com

If you share the file you may get some neat tricks to achieve what you are after:

  • a) section planes
  • b) painting with translucent material
  • c) splitting walls into different groups > using either hide or tags that you turn off > using scenes
  • d) other suggestion(s)

Yes option (c), I need to split the walls in different groups I think, but how and is there not a faster way then selecting everything part for part?

Probably there is. If you could share the model. Explaining from a screenshot is kind of … hard. With the skp model it would be a lot easier.

Ah okay great idea, but if I want to upload it here, it says that the file is too big…

Lots of suggestions on how to reduce your file size or how to still being able to share large files in your posts.


Use dropbox or google drive or another file sharing service to upload your model file and share the link to it here in your next post.

probably other solutions but here is mine :

I would make 3 more copies of your wall group.

then I would open one of the 4 groups and draw these diagonals. both on the top and bottom of the wall.
Doing so will create faces inside.
Capture d’écran 2023-07-12 à 01.09.09

(you see, my four green lines gave me the two red faces INSIDE the wall)

then I select all BUT the wall I isolated. and I delete. might take a few steps, with mouse or eraser.

and I end up with one wall, solo, in his group. repeat four times (in your case) and you end up with four walls. the assembly is then simple.
Capture d’écran 2023-07-12 à 01.12.30

Thankyou! I´ll try