File size too big to upload for help

Trying to upload a file to ask for push pull help. File size is 10mg. Have deleted all warehouse elements + purged unused. Any help gratefully received - I am a complete beginner.

I assume you tried uploading an attachment to this forum. The forum is optimized for displaying text messages, and a single attachment can be as huge as thousands of messages.

You can:

  • Further reduce the size of the model. People on the forum prefer posts and examples that are focussed on the problem in question and avoid irrelevant information.
    • Remove highly detailed components from the model (as you did).
    • Purge unused components&materials from the model (as you did).
    • Reduce and optimize texture file sizes, for example with Texture Resizer.
    • Extract part of the model. Select only the part of the model that your question is about and copy/paste it into a new, empty model file.
  • Upload somewhere on a file sharing service that is specialized for large files.
    • A cloud storage service where you have an account, like your personal NextCloud/OwnCloud, or a cloud provider like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Drop Box…
    • A file hoster where you can upload a single time a single file, anything like file-upload or wetransfer.

You can try uploading screen shots or a screen cap. Maybe the model isn’t needed to determine what is wrong.

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Thank you - yes I have redone a smaller version for upload to the forum.