Push pull tool not working all the sudden

I have multiple windows on one wall of my project using the Push Pull tool and now the tool will not work to add another window on the same wall! Did my wall become in parallel? How do I correct it without having to re draw all of this!?

What happens when you try to push/pull? Do you get a message? Does the surface light up when you hover over? Can you post your file or an example of what you are seeing?

is your wall a group and you are now outside of the group?

I just started working with Sketchup on Tuesday this week… I think my wall got off parallel some how…I need to push a hole in the front upper left side of the building to add the double window… the Square is where i need it… Oh and I may have left the square on the inside before saving… I tried both sides, switching faces… everything…

How about sharing the SKP file. Most likely we can quickly tell you what the real issue is.

Uploading… I am trying but the upload seams to keep starting over.

How big is the file?

36,377 KB… it keeps uploading, gets to 30% then starts over… does that twice then quits…

36 Mb? How about going to Window>Model Info>Statistics and hitting Purge Unused? Resave the file and try again.

Hell man… I got it to 7.377 KB doing that but trying to upload says max KB is 3072!! i cant get it that small.

Then try this.

Delete entirely related stuff from the model.
Run the Purge again.
Use File>Save as… and give the file a new name. We’ll be able to see the important part that way without you wrecking the original file.

I did that… deleted everything but the front wall of the dang building and STILL at 5,718 KB!! “sigh”

At least give us a screen shot.

If only I knew how to do that

Hmmm… I’ll bet there’s still something that could be but hasn’t been deleted. Maybe just upload to the warehouse and post the link?

I’ll do that rite now.,…

the site is messed up… trying to upload to warehouse… trying to sign in to upload it. It keeps clicking and fails to sign in…

Have you applied any textures, not deleted >purged yet, that keep the file big?
Textures can also be “on” edges without seeing it.

You’re on Win 7,
Go Start/All Programs/Accessories/Snipping tool
Use the tool to get a snip of your screen and upload it to the message.

no. no textures…