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Hi all,

I am drawing some really simple walls, just a rectangle pulled up. When I try and change the length of the wall (ie push/pull the side) it doesn’t work. I have pasted a link to the file below. I want to make the side of the wall closest to the man shorter. It works on the other side but not the side I want.

Also, no idea why the file is too big to upload. Its a blank doc with one wall. Seems really odd.

Any advice appreciated as I am a fairly new SketchUp user!

Many thanks

The end of the wall nearest the figure is not square to the sides. This is why Push/Pull won’t work on that end. You can see this when you open the group for editing and zoom in close to the bottom edge. It isn’t parallel to the red axis.

While this has nothing to do with Push/Pull, I see that you’ve got your geometry scattered over multiple layers. With all of the geometry in the wall selected, Entity Info’s Layers field is blank. It should show Layer 0. The faces in your wall are on the layer called Ground. You should get in the habit of creating and leaving all edges and faces on Layer 0.

As for the huge texture size, it comes from the very large “Lodge Farm…” texture. You could reduce the size of that texture image quite a lot without hurting anything.


Hi Dave, I didn’t have notifications turned on so I didn’t see your reply - thank you so much, this explains a lot. I just posted an answer on curves if you have any thoughts on that!

Many thanks

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Posted a question I meant to say.