Pushpull not working

I am using SU2021 (using SU Pro since 2013) and things have gone completely haywire!

Clipping, additional planes created when using push pull, horrendous clipping, cannot zoom in to draw details, won’t select edges, inferencing most times not working as it should.

I have to draw a rectangle, push it through a wall, then intersect faces to remove lines i don’t want, or in some cases have to draw the components.

Something really has gone off the rails.


How is this?? I draw a rectangle, push it through the wall, then ‘intersect’ …

I am happy to send the model to an expert.

Add it here for someone to check.

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I think i may have pinpointed the problem. had imported a large map which may have caused the issues. Will work on a new model and see if this continues. Thanks for the response

Looks like you actually Moved some windows which caused the whole facade to distort and add new folds/planes. Your entire facade is now out of plane causing you to have push pull issues. The tool itself is functioning perfectly. You MUST start modeling more carefully to avoid this.